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Go Fourth in Red, White and Financial Review

July 01, 2021

From summer vacations to special holidays, oh how we love July. Leading off with a Fourth of July bang, it brings fun observances like National Ice Cream and Picnic month. Even better, it’s the ultimate month for BBQs and beach parties and there’s still plenty of summer ahead before the seasons change.

With the first half of the year in the rearview mirror, July is the perfect time to assess your financial situation. Reviewing your progress during the past six months lets us revisit the financial goals you set earlier in the year and focus on the major aspects of your financial picture. Here are a few things we’ll accomplish during your check-up:

  • Evaluate overall financial progress to determine whether you're on track to reach your goals. Make any adjustments necessary!
  • Review current tax withholdings and change as needed.
  • Assess your investments and retirement plan. Determine if you can contribute more!
  • Fine-tune your budget and modify as needed. If you’re not sticking to it, determine why and get back on track.
  • Check that your savings goals are on track. Set up auto-deposit if necessary.

The month named after Julius Caesar also brings Christmas in July, which is a good reminder to start stockpiling those holiday gifts now! Not only can you find the perfect gift for your loved ones with time to spare, but it also helps alleviate the year-end financial stress holidays can bring.

Taking the time to review your progress so far this year can help you feel confident about closing out 2021 successfully. Give us a call if you’d like to set up a mid-year review meeting or meet for the first time!  

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